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Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Testing

There are two main types of blood tests.

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: First, I test for nutritional factors. 

Affect immunity and how well the body fights and resists infection.

Second, I test Censored .  These measure  Censored .

Usual tests: These tests are readily available.


With the syndrome definition, the characteristic blood test markers are also defined

Nutrition is a very important factor, a critical factor

Blood tests are important to identify where nutrition is going wrong.

Blood tests make sure the doctor and patient are getting it right.

Problems are often caused by nutritional and medical problems that affect the immune system, such as diabetes.


Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: Do the Blood tests:

E&LFTs   (Censored)         C3,      ANF   Se B12,        RBC Folate, Se Zinc, Antigliaden IgA,
Antigliaden IgG                


Serum B12: should be over 300 ng/ml                   (220nM)

RBC Folate: prefer over 250 mcg/ml  >>   (570 uM)

Serum Zinc  (RBC Zinc can also be used): prefer over 16-17, but not too high (>25). Most people are low or deficient in zinc in western society with levels 10-12.


Antigliaden IgG and Antigliaden IgA:  normal is less than 20-25% of reference range: assess clinical response to diet.




Scientific Testing Beaker

Dr Xxxxx Dr Xxxxx: These form a basic Paill Spectrum Blood Test assessment group.

Changes occur with time and in sequence, in response to treatment.

New Perspectives on Illness Symptoms

Paill Spectrum.”  Affected people can present with a “Road Rage” like appearance.  Symptoms include:

Anger, irritability, aggression, moodiness, and violence. 










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